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Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

Acceptable Refund Policy

We provide a complete cancellation and refund option for any reason prior to the conclusion of the Discovery Call. If, during this call, either you or we determine that our services don't align with your/our needs for any reason, either party may cancel the engagement. In such cases, we issue a full refund of the purchase price.


For instance, Charles, after purchasing the meditation, decided during the Discovery Call that our services weren't the perfect match for him. We happily processed a full refund purchase.

Non-Refundable Policy

We pour a considerable amount of time, energy, and resources into creating personalized content tailored just for you. We kindly request your understanding that once our discovery call is completed and we mutually agree to proceed, our services become non-refundable.


For example, Sally and the team meticulously planned out her meditation, and she was excited to move forward. Regrettably, Sally had a change of heart the day after our call. At that point, our team had already begun work on her project, making it impossible to issue a refund. We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Subscriptions Policy

You're welcome to cancel any subscription at any time; however, please note that we cannot offer refunds for work that has already been completed.

Take Rhonda's experience, for instance: she was a valued member of the subscription program' for 6 months before deciding to end her journey. She canceled her upcoming subscriptions without issue.


  1. If Rhonda hadn't been billed for the current month at the time of cancellation, no further charges would apply.

  2. If she was billed for the current month, but our team hadn't yet commenced work, we would ensure she received a full refund.

  3. However, if she had been billed and our monthly calibration call had taken place with work already underway, we wouldn't be able to offer a refund for that month.

You will acknowledge these policies during the onboarding process, ensuring you're fully informed before we begin our work together.

Breathwork & Meditation Disclaimer


No individual affiliated with holds licensure as a healthcare professional or medical practitioner. The content provided by this website and through any corresponding communications, including but not limited to this website, is not intended to serve as medical advice, nor does it purport to confer any health-related benefits. The information and suggestions offered herein are provided exclusively for purposes of education and entertainment. Users are hereby cautioned that participation in any activities suggested by this site, including, without limitation, meditation, breathwork, and yoga, may entail inherent risks of physical injury. Users shall assume sole and full responsibility for their personal health and safety while engaging in such activities. It is strongly recommended that individuals, particularly those with preexisting medical conditions or those currently undergoing medical treatment, seek the counsel of a licensed healthcare provider prior to initiating any practices referenced herein. expressly disclaims all liability for any adverse effects or outcomes resulting from the application or use of the content provided. The onus of consulting with a healthcare professional remains with the user, especially in consideration of the dynamic nature of medical advice and health guidelines. Participation in any meditation, prayer, breathwork, or energy movement activities is undertaken at the user's own risk.

Medical Disclaimer

Please be advised that no individual associated with, employed by, or acting on behalf of is a healthcare professional licensed by any state, federal, or international regulatory body, nor do they possess any qualifications to practice medicine or offer medical consultations.


The content disseminated by this website and through any form of communication, including this email, is devoid of medical advisory and does not assert to provide any proven health benefits. The sole intention of such content is to furnish educational insights and entertainment, devoid of any therapeutic claims or implications.


Users of and its associated services hereby forewarn that engagement in activities promoted or suggested by the site, inclusive of but not limited to meditation, breathwork, and yoga, carries the potential risk of physical or psychological injury. Such risks are inherent and may result from one's actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of others, or a combination thereof. Consequently, by choosing to participate in these activities, users explicitly acknowledge and assume full responsibility for their personal health and safety, absolving, its affiliates, and any individuals associated therewith from any liability.

It is imperative for individuals, especially those with existing health conditions, those who are pregnant, or those currently under the care of a medical professional for any reason, to consult with a licensed healthcare provider prior to undertaking any practices mentioned by and its representatives hereby disclaim any and all liability for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive, or any other damages, arising out of or in any way connected with access to or use of the site’s content, regardless of negligence or otherwise.

Participants are urged to proceed with caution and make informed decisions regarding their engagement in any form of meditation, prayer, breathwork, or energy movement practices, fully aware of the risks involved. 

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