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Wearing a meditation hat is like having a personal superhero for your head. Not only does it bravely shield your eyes from the villainous glare of the sun and keep your hair from staging a full-blown rebellion against your face, but it also whispers secrets about who you are to the world.


Take our "Meditate, Heal, Awaken" hats, for instance. These aren't just any ordinary head-toppers; they're like billboards for your brain, advertising your commitment to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. It's a fashion statement and a faith statement rolled into one stylish package.


So, when you're sporting one of these hats, you're not just keeping cool and collected under the sun—you're also letting everyone know that you're on an epic journey, possibly to the nearest coffee shop, but more importantly, towards inner peace. And who knows? Your hat might just inspire a fellow journeyer along the way, proving that fashion can indeed lead to profound conversations, even if it starts with, "Hey, cool hat!"


These are technically called "Dad hats" but Moms, kids, and anyone can wear them! They come with an unstructured, six-panel, low-profile, and a pre-curved visor for that signature look. Each hat features 100% bio-washed chino twill, self-fabric, tri-glide buckle closure with antique brass.


Materials: 100% bio-washed chino twill (hat), 100% faux leather (patch)
Unstructured, six-panel, low-profile
Pre-curved bill
Blank sourced from Bangladesh
Sewn-in label
Hand-wash only


 One size
Circumference, in23.82
Crown height, in4.55
Bill length, in2.76


Meditation Hat with Patch

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