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Imagine strolling down the street, your favorite coffee in hand, and you've got this snazzy little meditation accessory button pinned to your jacket that says "Meditate, Heal, Awaken." It's not just any button, oh no, it's practically a conversation magnet. People, especially those who like woo-woo can't help but be drawn to it, their curiosity piqued, wondering if you've discovered the secret to life or just have a really cool taste in accessories.


Now, picture this: you're in line at the grocery store, and another meditator spots your button. Bam Wham! Instant connection! Suddenly, you're not just talking about whether avocados are ripe; you're diving into the deep end of meditation practices, energy healing, and the journey to awakening. This little button becomes your silent ambassador, inviting like-minded souls to engage in meaningful conversations. It's not just an accessory; it's your ticket to finding your tribe in the most unexpected places. Who knew a piece of metal could do all that?


Made from metal, yet are lightweight and durable with a strong safety pin. 

Materials: metal with mylar face
Available in 3 sizes
Safety pin backing
Glossy scratch and UV resistant front
Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Diameter, in1.252.252.99
Thickness, in0.160.160.16


Purple Meditation Accessory Button

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