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This branded Mandala Game Jigsaw Puzzle was created by the owner of The Healed Meditator. Piecing together the puzzle is like the stealth ninja of meditation, sneaking mindfulness into your day without the need for incense or sitting cross-legged for hours. It demands your full attention as you search for that one piece that looks like a duck but somehow fits into the place perfectly—talk about living in the moment! This focus pulls you away from the buzz of your phone and the endless list of to-dos, offering a brain vacation one piece at a time.


And let's be real, every time you manage to fit a piece correctly, it's like winning a mini lottery—except here, the prize is peace of mind and a fleeting sense of genius. It's oddly satisfying, kind of like popping bubble wrap, but with the added bonus of seeing a beautiful picture come to life. This puzzle-solving zen moment is a gentle reminder that sometimes, the big picture in life is just a series of small, awkwardly shaped moments coming together perfectly.

Made with high-quality chipboard pieces, our puzzles come in 30, 110, 252, 500, and 1000-piece variations. The 252 and 500-piece puzzles are ideal for children from the age of 9, while the 1000-piece puzzle is great for adults. Ships in gift-ready metal boxes for a show-stopping presentation.

This product is intended for ages 4+ (choking hazard).

Pre-diecut chipboard with a satin finish
30, 110, 252, 500 or 1000 precise interlocking pieces
Uniformaly cut non-edge pieces
White metal tin box with finished image on the cover

 9.6" × 8" (30 pcs)9.6" × 8" (110 pcs)14" × 11" (252 pcs)20.5" × 15" (500 pcs)29.25" × 19.75" (1000 pcs)
Width, in9.619.6114.0020.5029.25
Height, in7.997.9911.0015.0019.75


Mandala Game Jigsaw Puzzle (30 to 1,000-Pieces)

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