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Eat Mindfully. Being mindful of what we eat transforms the simple act of eating into a profound meditation practice. It's like turning every meal into a silent retreat for your taste buds and your soul. Imagine sitting down with a plate of food in front of you. Instead of wolfing it down while binge-watching your favorite series, you pause. You take a moment to really look at your food, appreciating the colors, the textures, and thinking about the journey it took to get to your plate. It's like you're thanking every farmer, sunray, and raindrop involved. 

Now, as you take that first bite, you do it with full awareness. You chew slowly, savoring every flavor and texture, feeling the food nourish your body. This isn't just eating; it's a sensory journey. It's about being present in the moment, acknowledging the food's impact not only on your physical body but on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing too. This mindfulness turns each meal into a meditation, where the act of eating becomes an act of healing and gratitude. So, the next time you sit down to eat, remember, it's not just about filling your stomach. It's an opportunity to nourish your soul, to connect with the present, and to turn a daily necessity into a healing ritual. 

Enjoy fresh food on your own terms, whether at work, at school, or at a picnic. This bento-style lunchbox comes with smart compartments to keep your food separate. The stylish wooden lid can double as a handy plate while the 7.6" x 4.8" size makes it a convenient choice that easily fits into any bag or backpack.

Materials: 100% silicone (tray), 100% wood (lid)
One size: 7.7" x 4.7" x 2.4" (20 x 12 x 6cm)
Two moveable compartment dividers (one loose, one stable)
BPA free
An elastic band and cutlery included

 One size
Width, in7.72
Height, in4.72
Depth, in2.36

 What Is a Bento Box?


A bento box is not just a lunch box; it's like the Swiss Army knife of meal containers, originating from Japan, where they know a thing or two about packing a meal with style and efficiency. Picture this: compartments of joy, each snugly holding different parts of your meal without any risk of your grapes getting cozy with your sandwich. It's like having a mini buffet in a box, ensuring your foods stay separate and as Instagram-ready as when you packed them.


Why is it better than your run-of-the-mill lunch box? Oh, let me count the ways. First off, portion control. Each compartment is a gentle reminder not to turn lunch into an all-you-can-eat buffet. Then there's variety; with a bento box, you're encouraged to include a rainbow of foods—proteins, veggies, fruits, and grains all get their spotlight. And let's not forget about the aesthetic appeal. Opening a bento box is like unveiling a culinary masterpiece, turning your lunch break into an event.

Eat Mindfully Bento Lunch Box

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