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What's a Kundalini Awakening?

What's a Kundalini Awakening?

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Kundalini translates to "coiled snake" in Sanskrit. This feminine energy rests at the base of the spine, laying dormant until it is awakened...

...and when you wake her up, she will rise like a freight train of energy, giving you a spiritual experience you will never forget. This energy is all that you are. It can be referred to as the 'I am' inside of you - Everything you think, see, hear, smell, taste, think, feel, smell, remember, any part of the consciousness that is you.

Once you are awake, you can never be asleep again!

Kundalini Awakening - The Experience

THE INITIAL SHOCK! - I am going to explain all of the wonderful things about this experience below but I do need to preface this with a warning.

There will be an initial shock to your body and mind! 

If you haven't experienced it, you may be a little disoriented & it may be a bit scary at first. If you are deep in meditation or you are performing a set of body movements to try to make it happen, stay calm and you will feel an UN-ENDING LOVE FOR ALL. - probably more love than you have ever felt in your entire life. The love is so overwhelming you break out in tears of joy and happiness. You will not want this experience to end because it is way too... well the only word I have for it is LOVING.

EUPHORIA and VISIONS - You may see anything the Creator wants you to see. It could be geometry. It could be other patterns. You may see, encounter, and interact with beings. Whatever the case, you will feel like you have taken a psychedelic drug - but don't worry, it's all natural with no lasting physical side effects.

TRAUMA RELEASE - You will probably have some type of physical sensation of release. I have no words to describe it but when something that is inside your body, that should not be there, leaves... You are gonna know it instantly! There have been hundreds and thousands of reports of physical symptoms healing. It's something that stays with you.

BODY SENSATIONS - It can often feel like an orgasm but instead of ejaculating out of your sexual areas, you ejaculate up into the brain and out of the top of your head. Your body may shake uncontrollably. If you are sitting in a chair, you may fall out of it so be prepared to go unconscious. You may feel waves of blissful electricity and magnetism. When this happened to me at first, I accidentally fell into a very old and frail 78-year-old lady's lap.

Life After The Experience

UN-ENDING LOVE FOR ALL - This love, once awakened, doesn't seem to turn off. You may find yourself walking around smiling for no reason at all. You will allow other drivers to have the right of way. You will say 'Thank You' more often. You will find ways to serve others, just for the enjoyment of giving back. You will begin walking as the Golden Rule more and more each day. You may find yourself giving away your excess to others in need.

SYCHNRONICITIES - You will be looking for blue butterflies and see them. Maybe money is your desire and you find it. You will have a longing for... you fill in the blank... and magically it will appear in the most unusual way possible. This will become a common and most welcome occurrence. This is when the Law of Attraction is put into 'Rocket to the Moon' mode!

VIVID DREAMS - You may have the wildest dreams of your entire life. No one knows why this happens but I hypothesize that when you are re-programming your mind and body in such a short amount of time, it's like all the inner workings go bonkers for a while. These dreams can be a little weird but they are often wonderful. I have dreams about healing people all the time and it gives me so much pleasure, I try to stay in that zone of wonder all day.

SPONATEOUS CREATIVITY - Since your eyes are now wide open and your mind is equally awake, you will have so many creative thoughts that you will need to get a journal to write them all down. It's as if you are receiving Galactic downloads. Mine come in spurts. I will get downloads for a few weeks and then recalibrate for a week or two. On and off, like a piston in a machine.

How often can I have one?

You will have 'THE AWAKENING' once. You can have mystical experiences any time you want after that. It's like riding a bike - Once it happens to you, you can replicate many aspects of it anytime you want.

Ryan's Story of Awakening

It took me over 4 years to have my first real awakening. I had an enormous amount of ridiculous baggage that needed to be off-loaded first. From my first attempt, however, I noticed a change in my perception. Even though I went through a long process before having my AHA moment, the journey was so worth it! I am not sure how long it will take you but once you start, you will not want to stop. That's a given.

So I am sitting at a meditation retreat... Dr. Joe Dispenza's Week Long Retreat in Denver, in the Summer of 2023, to be exact!

The room was dark and I was sitting in the middle of 1,900 other like-minded people. The facilitator, Dr. Joe asked us to go all in, surrender, and hold nothing back. I wanted this experience more than anything so I decided to either make a fool of myself or die trying!

I could already feel the spirit moving in the room as we began. I said a prayer of protection. "Jesus, I am scared and don't know what to expect. Please stay with me but I need to find out if this is a real thing or not. In your name, Amen."  I was getting into the zone and performing the functions asked of us. When Dr. Joe said to focus, I would focus wherever he was directing. When he said to squeeze a certain muscle, I would do it. I was following and surrendering blindly because I didn't know what I didn't know. I thought I was fully prepared to expect the unexpected.


...and I found myself aware of this familiar place but it wasn't. It was blacker than the darkest Vanta black with white flowing patterns, here on Earth but there was depth to it. I wasn't floating but I was in a huge abyss and it seemed like I had been there always. I don't remember coming there. I had no concept of past or future - Time moved differently there.

I searched the Internet but there are zero pictures on the internet that show what I saw. The closest one is this picture example. There were white, squiggly, dancing, or flowing lines in some parts of this realm. They seemed to come in and out of 'view'... if you can call it a view.

What's the blackness you see during a kundalini awakening?

It's not Seeing... I could see this stuff but not like I am looking at it with my eyes. It's not even like how you see things in a dream or your imagination either. It's more like the realness of a 3D Movie but with more clarity and all around you at the same time.

I didn't remember because there was no thought. There was an eternal nothingness, except for the white things that surrounded me. I had a sense that I was everything and I had been there for eternity. There was nothing else that existed except for me and this place.

There was no memory of Earth. I didn't remember being at the meditation event. I didn't recall who my family was because there was no concept of family. There was nothing except this and everything was perfect. It was quite soothing though. I wasn't scared. There was no concept of the feeling of fear. There was no concept of any feeling except for love. The love wasn't an 'I love you' type of love. It was all there was. Love was everything and everything, which was nothing, was created out of this love. It was so overwhelming, I eventually wanted to share the love.

From Wave back to Particle

The simple act of redirecting my focus on sharing the love caused all of this EVERYTHINGNESS to collapse. If I could put what I felt next into crude words, it would go a little something like this,

"If I want to share this love, who would I share it with? Wait! WHAT!! That makes no sense. Does this mean there is more than me?! More than this? OMG! Where am I? How did I get here?"  

That was the moment that I became startled. I then knew, just by thinking the thought, that there was more but I didn't know how to become aware of the more-ness. I threw a temper tantrum, just like a newborn baby because this was all I knew how to do. I had no arms or legs, no voice or anything so I simply started trying to move my energy all around. I started to feel like I was shrinking way down and collapsing back into something.

I started to feel the sensations of touch and sound. I started to remember that I could see so I opened my eyes but everything was black (Thanks to the most awesome meditation mask in the world MINDFOLD). My arms were flailing all about like a banshee, I imagine. I managed to somehow yank off my eye shades and in an instant, I became re-oriented and my first thought was,

"Ooohhhh This is where I am."


Replication Results

After the initial experience, I was not able to get back to that realm during the entire meditation. The more I tried, the farther away I felt. In subsequent meditations, however, I was able to replicate it many times. I still do it today & notice a lot more that happens to my body now and I am no longer intimidated.


It's like anything in life. We fear starting a new job but after a while, everything is normal. We fear talking to someone new but after we start, everything is fine. We can even fear driving in traffic but once we have done it, the fear passes. Having a mystical experience is no different. The first one may be a little weird but after that, it can be pure bliss.

You are gonna see all kinds of stuff. My visuals usually move rapidly. Nay... At the speed of thought. They move so fast that I can hardly make out what they are. I see them with hyper-focus and very vivid but as soon as I come back to this 3D world, I often forget exactly what I witnessed. The visuals often seem cartoonish in a way. If you can mesh the following two pictures into one, then you will have a sense of what I see almost every single time.

When you see them,

it's the Most Awesome Sight 

you've ever seen - EVERY TIME!

Kundalini Awakening Cartoon Figures

In the video below, you will see something called the Kundalini Activation Process. This is simply one type of awakening, among the dozens or hundreds out there. I believe that God gave every human the ability to connect with the universe. When we do, sometimes our body will contort, twist, and shake. We may moan, yell, laugh, or cry. When all of these sensations are happening, you don't care about anything but the present moment.

  • Trauma Release: Your body is releasing trauma and negative emotions. It begins healing.

  • Spiritual Journeys: You will become aware of realities that exist beyond this one.

  • Ego Death: The day of your first awakening is the day your personality changes forever.

I have attended 2 KAP sessions. One was at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles and the other was a private session with a KAP facilitator named Raquel Santos. What you will see below is very real and I experienced this part of the Kundalini awakening long before my Astral realm experience, mentioned earlier in this lesson.

Kundalini Awakening - Warning: Orgasm Ahead

So not only are the visuals extremely amazing and mind-blowing, but the body sensations are something otherworldly and equally awesome. You really can have a full-body orgasm that shoots straight up the spine, out of the head, and causes all types of exciting body movements. The best part is this is replicable. You can do this almost every time!

In Conclusion: I believe anyone can have a life-altering mystical experience. Go to Google and search for Dr. Joe Dispenza or KAP Kundalini Activation Process if you like. They teach in 2 totally different ways but these are both a part of my journey and they were both well worth the time spent to learn how to do it.



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