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What are the types of Joe Dispenza Meditations?

Updated: Jan 18

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation

Dr. Joe Dispenza's Meditations are vastly different than any other meditations on the market. His techniques jump right into the 'work' to start to manipulate reality in no time. To begin with and speaking in very basic terms, there are 4 main types:

  1. Sitting Down Meditations

  2. Standing Meditations

  3. Walking Meditations

  4. Laying Down Meditations

But let's get into the nitty-gritty of what sets these meditations apart from the crowd.

Table of Contents

There are a ton of Joe Dispenza Events called 'Week Longs' within the community. He pushes the participants, myself included, through a series of 1,2, and even 5-hour-long meditations that are meant to help you break free from the chains of the past.

Even f you can't make it to an event, he offers downloadable meditations that you can do in the comfort of your own home. In fact, I started with the 'at home' meditations.

There are many types of meditations that Dr. Joe offers. I will paraphrase and elaborate on my experiences and the experiences of others.

  1. Becoming Nobody

  2. Meditations to Manifest a New Reality

  3. Blessing of the Energy Centers

  4. The Breath

  5. Healing

#1 Becoming Nobody with a Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation

Becoming Nobody

The objective in these types of meditations is to become No one, No place, Nowhere, No time, Nothing.

The first meditation that most people usually happen upon is The Generous Present Moment. This one is used to train you how to forget about who you are and your current 3D reality. You will embark on a journey to forget about the things in your life, such as your email list or cooking dinner. You will offload your kid's sports practice or your daily routine.

This meditation is meant to help you become unaware of your normal world and become more aware of awareness itself. If you can calm your mind and fall into that sweet spot between being awake and asleep, you will have the sensation of knowing you are aware but not knowing you are a human.

It's the weirdest feeling at first but soon becomes so familiar that you long for the feeling. The physical sensation feels really good, like a buzzing or very soft electric current running all through your body. It takes about 30 minutes to fall into this zone but if you are diligent, you will reach it.

Try this physical sensation in 30 seconds

Here is what I want you to do. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your left pointer finger. All you are going to do is notice the space that your finger is in and the space around your finger. That's it. Become aware of it for 30 seconds without outside interruption.

Do you feel the slight buzzing sensation that you only became aware of when you placed your attention on it? Now place your entire attention on your whole hand and intend to amplify this soft and warm electro-buzzing sensation. Amplify it 5 times by your intention, alone. Do you feel it?

Now, imagine that your entire body feels that way but multiply it by about 100 and you will have an idea of what the physical sensation of the meditation feels like. Some call this Chi, Qi, or life force energy and it's very subtle until we focus our attention on it - on the nothingness of the reality around us. Click on the picture below and you can listen to a sample.

The Generous Present Moment

The Mental Sensation

Where are you if you become no one, no place, nowhere, no time, and nothing? Imagine sitting in the room that you are right now. Close your eyes and take away the mental images until you only see black. Remove any image from your awareness as soon as it enters your mind. - This takes practice but can be accomplished in a rather short time with training.

Remove the awareness of the chair you are sitting on. Remove the walls, your home, the trees, the grass, and the landscape around you. Remove the city you are in and then the Earth. Remove all the sound. Remove the awareness of your smell. Your eyes are closed so you should have already removed your sight. Remove all the planets and stars. Remove everything.

What are you left with? A big empty space that has nothing. This is what it feels like mentally. You are aware that you are aware but not aware of anything else. There will be a point when you become aware that you are human and have a life again and once you become aware of it, you will realize that you were unaware of it just a moment before. It's a profound sensation but with practice, becomes addictive.

#2 Manifest Reality

Manifest Reality

There is a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction and manifesting your reality. They say that whatever you think about is what you become. I used to think that too but Dr. Joe taught me the piece of the puzzle that eluded me for my entire life.

It's not just thought but the bigger player in manifesting anything, good or bad is EMOTION. In his teachings, Dr. Joe talks about:

Thoughts send out an electrical signal into the 'unified field'.

Emotions are the magnetic charge that draws it back to you.

We can all think about those times in our lives when we wanted something. We thought about it. We visualized it and imagined how it would feel to have the thing... and somehow, it seems like it magically appeared in our life, without any outside intervention.

Likewise, can you think back to a time when you were angry or full of rage and the thought sparked a wave of emotions that just ruined your entire day and brought everyone down in the process? Can you imagine a time when this led to a string of days that turned into weeks of bad emotions and ultimately something bad happened that just came out of nowhere?

Real Life Example - The FELT TIP PEN

Here is a real story about something that happened back when I began this work in February 2019 (5 Years Ago). I have coined this story, "The Felt Tip Pen."

I was very sick, dying of a mystery illness, and wanted to prove to myself that 'all this stuff was real' before I invested a lot of time into it. I picked an unusual item that I wanted to manifest. The item had to be something that would not come by happenstance. I had to KNOW that God had sent this to me, 100% due to my manifesting it.

I chose a felt tip pen. I reasoned that it's not something that just comes along. My wife had never bought me a felt tip pen & I didn't even use them at the time. I had never, in my life, expressed any want for a felt tip pen - didn't look at them at the store and never acknowledged their existence. I mean... it was just something not on my radar.

So I decided to manifest it. I thought about how awesome it would be to write with a felt-tip pen. I imagined the indentions on the paper and could hear the sound of the scratching with each stroke.

Manifesting a felt tip pen

The feeling of the pen in my hands was amazing. The emotion of actually having one was pure gratitude to the universe for granting my wish. I gave thanks to God and then let it go.

I meditated upon it and then forgot about it while I kept investigating various teachers in the field of healing and manifesting.

I manifested this pen

2 DAYS LATER, my wife came upstairs with a package and said, "I bought you something." I opened the package and it was the felt tip pen you see in the picture. I was stunned! It took me a minute to get my thoughts in order and I asked when she had purchased it. Here's the cool part... She purchased the pen at the exact time that I was meditating on it. That's how fast the universe can work.

The meditation below is the one I was listening to when this occurred. Click the picture to listen to a sample.

Tuning into new potentials

#3 Blessing of the Energy Centers

blessings of the energy centers

I was very sick at the time. As soon as I manifested the pen, I dove into Dr. Joe's work. I was searching for something to heal my illness. The doctors couldn't heal me so I was looking for alternative medicine therapies. I decided to use something called The Blessing of the Energy Centers.

This is a style of meditation that is unlike all the other meditation you find all over Internetland. It has been scientifically proven to assist in healing with the people that use it. There are 700 YouTube videos of transformation using this technique and it is the most powerful meditation for healing that I have ever practiced.

The basic concept is that we all have an endocrine system that regulates the biological processes in the body. Here is where it gets interesting... This endocrine system lines up perfectly with the Chakras that ancient yogis have spoken about for thousands of years. Check it out...

chakra versus endocrine system

In this Joe Dispenza meditation series, he calls them ENERGY CENTERS to not associate any religion or previous teaching with them. They are simply centers in your body that have the potential to give life or become blocked. Here is a teaching about these centers. It is worth a watch...

The Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations is a series. They are always being updated but at the time of this writing, I think there are 9 or 10 of them, if I am not mistaken. This series helped me heal something that seemed unhealable.

The Concept

Remember earlier in this article when you placed your attention on your finger and felt the physical buzz? The same applies to The Blessing of the Energy Centers meditations.

Start by placing your attention on your first center, also called your root chakra or your sexual glands. You leave your attention there for some time and become concerned with nothing else except your first center. Then you will move your awareness to your second center, then third, fourth, and so on, all the way up to your body.

It's uncanny how this meditation series helps so many people heal. Click on the picture below to listen to a sample.

blessings of the energy centers

My Questions to you - If you were sick, could you spend 45 minutes to an hour, every day in meditation? It sounds like a lot of time but what if you were able to heal because of this practice? What if you didn't heal but could feel better? How much better would you need to feel for this process to be worthwhile? If you could feel 25% better, would it be worth it? What about 50%? Is this concept something you would like to investigate?

#4 The Breath

the breath

You Become One with the Universe!

The Breath is a Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation that helped me go from barely being able to walk to becoming a very healthy man. I made a little video about the journey.

The Breath" really hits you like a ton of bricks! It changes everything about you. It heals you from the inside out. A tiny act of the way you breathe and contract your muscles can change your entire life. It changed mine forever.

Not only can it heal you but it can help you attain levels of awareness that most people will never reach - Mystical levels. I have left my body on several occasions and have many mystical experiences to this day. This is a topic that is discussed in another article.

I encourage everyone to try it! If you would like to hear a sample, as usual, click the picture below and select the little triangle play button.


#5 Coherence Healing

coherence healing

There are millions, if not billions of people in the world that need healing. If you are fortunate enough to have others pray or send healing energy to you, then you know it can change lives. Coherence healing is simply focusing the love you have toward another individual. That's it.

I have seen people heal right in front of me. I have watched arms and legs un-contort. I listened as a fellow sneezed and was healed from all the pain in his body. I even witnessed a man who could not button his shirt begin doing pushups right after a coherence healing. These 'in person' coherence healings only happen at the live events right now but there are many authorized groups available for anyone who requests healings in a remote setting.

coherence healing cancun 2023

coherence healing dr. Joes website

In Conclusion

Investigate for yourself. Click the links, search on YouTube, Google who Dr. Joe Dispenza is, and find out for yourself, whether or not this type of work is right for you. I love you! I hope your day is filled with blessings! Until next time, stay magical!


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