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The Top 18 Free Meditation Courses January 2024

Learn Meditation Online Free List

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Should a Meditation Course be Free?

There are many paid courses, out there in Internet Land and I see nothing wrong with that. If a practitioner has created something and wants to be able to continue creating, often they might need to be compensated. This often helps pay for the costs of bringing you that course.

I once created a course (which later became this blog) and it took me forever to research, write up, and edit the content. It was a lot of hard work. It took me, quite literally 3 months to complete. Sometimes, the knowledge is so specific that you can't find it anywhere else and this is also worth paying money for exclusive learning.

However, there are millions of folks who are just starting out in this meditation arena. They don't yet know where to even start. They are just researching to try to find what makes sense to them. They don't want or need to pay money for a basic meditation or mindfulness education because so many gurus offer this content for free.

Maybe this is describing you. Maybe you are looking for a basic understanding of what meditation is and how it can transform your life. If so, there are 18 different courses that don't cost a penny, down below. Simply scroll through and see what resonates with you. Once you learn how to meditate and you start to incorporate it into your personal life, then you can move on to more specialized training.

The 4 Phases of Meditation

Before you even begin to look for a course, allow me to break down the 4 phases of Meditation... Mindfulness, Meditation, Nothingness, The Mystical

  1. Mindfulness - This is the first step. Mindfulness is simply becoming aware of the present moment and learning to sit still. It may not sound difficult but training your body to do what it has never done can be a daunting, yet attainable task.

  2. Meditation - This is when you can sit for an hour of solitude and it becomes the most blissful part of your day. Sitting in the stillness helps you organize your thoughts and ultimately your life. Your health starts becoming better and you are more self-aware.

  3. Nothingness - This is when you lose track of who you are, where you are, and when you are. You don't know anything but pure awareness. You see nothing, smell nothing, taste nothing, feel nothing, and sense nothing but you are still aware and conscious.

  4. The Mystical - This is the realm of experiencing simple fractal pattern visualizations all the way up to having full-blown Out-of-Body experiences and mystical revelations.

A Free Meditation Course for Everyone

We are all different and see the world through different lenses. I am a believer in multiple avenues leading to one path. For instance, I believe that there are dozens of ways to meditate but they all lead to better health and a closer relationship with the divine creator or higher self.

You will see many different types of meditation courses, below. We have listed many things from calm mindfulness to intense breathwork. There is a crystal healing program and even one for clairvoyance. Scroll through and research. Find what resonates with you and hop right in!

The Free Meditation Course List

  • Rewired with Dr. Joe Dispenza - This is, by far the best meditation course that I have ever come across. Dr. Joe talks about neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics and how it's all entangled with meditation and the brain for 7+ hours. His work has enabled countless people to heal chronic conditions, and even terminal illnesses. You can share your email with Gaia to watch Rewired FREE with your 7-day trial.

  • Mindfulness Daily with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield - This course is a 40-day online training in mindfulness meditation with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. Every day, you will learn from a 10–15 minute lesson that hosts explanations, talks, and guided meditations. The course includes 4 modules: 8 days of Mindful Basics, 8 days of Emotional Intelligence, 8 days of Resilience, Healing & Inner Freedom, and 11 days of Mindful Living.

  • Mindfulness Exercises Free Courses - Sean Fargo is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, a former Buddhist monk, and trainer for the mindfulness program born at Google. These are 12 different courses that help you understand and implement mindfulness and gratitude.

  • Mindworks 14-day Meditation Course - The best meditation for those who have never meditated before is generally mindfulness meditation. This practice calms the mind and helps teach us to be aware of the present moment.

  • Transform Your Life With Meditation: A Free Course - Australian School of Meditation & Yoga brings you meditation practices that help the end-user experience deep inner peace and happiness, insights, and self-realization. This is a 2 part course; Part 1 deals with Stress relief and Part 2 is about Self Realization.

  • Wim Hof Free Mini Class - How we breathe has a powerful effect on our physiology so you will discover the breathing technique. The benefits of cold showers; Gradual cold exposure, through cold showers gives your vascular system a workout, helping to burn fat & increase the 'feel good' chemicals in the brain. The final piece of the puzzle and the most important, is the power of the mind-body connection.

  • Hearfulness - Purity weaves Destiny. Quest for Joy and Well Being through a 21-day heartfulness Meditation program. Understand the basic practice of Heartfulness Meditation and experience the unique peace and stillness within the heart enabled by Yogic transmission.

  • Glorian Meditation Essentials: A Free Online Course - Here are 15 modules that give practical steps to help develop your own experience in meditation. By performing and applying the knowledge gained in the exercises and lectures. Become a self-reliant meditator.

  • How to Meditate; An Online Course with Laurence Freeman - Engage in peer discussions around learning objectives. Search the global network of meditators. Find local groups to support you. Get access to our vast resource library to supplement your practice at every stage.

  • Infinite Breath Free 3-Day Course - Multi-sensory meditations to create ecstatic states in your body & mind, giving you instant energy, stamina, and unlimited benefits. Included in this course are practical breathing tools to energize or relax instantly, exercises for optimal breathing & better health, energized meditation, and more.

  • The Clairvision School's free meditation course: Portal to Inner Worlds - This is a four-part meditation course designed to take people into experiences of consciousness. Take part, even if you have no meditation background. The meditations include the use of sounds to facilitate spaces of consciousness.

  • Love Inspiration Meditation Course - This free video meditation course contains over 25 instructional videos. Learn how to bring basic meditation practice into your life. Consists of 3 main parts: Basic Meditation Practices, Energy Based Meditation Practices, and Expanding Your Practice.

  • Unified Mindfulness Interactive Mindfulness Meditation Training Program - Learn how to live a happier, healthier, and more Inspired life... Starting Today... The CORE training gives you everything you need to start or deepen your own mindfulness meditation practice.

  • Learn How to Meditate Online - A scientifically proven way to improve your life. Your journey to enlightenment starts with the Experiment with Truth: a 10 Lesson Course. The 2nd course, The Secret Garden consists of 10 lessons to teach you about Chakras.

  • Healing the Healer; A Free 13-Unit Crystal Healing Experience - An Introduction to Crystal Healing, The Chakras & An Introduction to Selenite, The Aura & A Prehnite Attunement, A Journey with Moldavite & Healing the Healer Crystal Grid, and more.

  • Meditation: Cultivating Inner Stillness - Meditation helps us to develop our capacity to pay attention and be present. Simultaneously cultivating awareness; we become more acquainted with the observer. This allows us to be more conscious of what we pay attention to.

  • Dharana Phuket Meditation Center Free Online Meditation Course - This course covers all the tools you need to develop basic skills. Every lesson comes with guided audio Meditations, instructions, and even videos. And if you would like to get the most out of these instructions I would recommend you to spend about one month with each session.

Super Groovy Meditation Resources on YouTube!

Don't need a meditation course but you are looking for some really cool meditations to participate in? Check these out! I have placed one video from each of the meditation facilitators but you should check out everything they have.

Breath with Sandy

This is a powerfully transformative breathwork journey that should be performed in a safe environment. It's a journey of breathing and incorporating powerful breath holds to create an environment for all participants to access their subconscious, release unneeded emotions, and make room for new thoughts of gratitude and self-love.

"I use videos from this channel often.. Sandy is a great breathwork instructor! " - Ryan Herron


Brain Sync with Kelly Howell

Everyone has a special purpose for participating in this life. When you find your purpose life flows effortlessly. People and circumstances conspire with you. They follow your path. They help you manifest your reality. The first 30 Minutes of this meditation is a guided journey + 4.5 Hz Theta Waves. The second half of this meditation is just Theta Waves and music.

"This is where I learned about meditation, a decade ago, even before she was on Youtube." - Ryan Herron


The Gateway Experience by the Monroe Institute

This is a classic recording from the archives of The Monroe Institute and was originally part of the residential Gateway Voyage program. The Gateway program was what the CIA used to determine that Out-of-body experiences were real.

Note This form of meditation is on the advanced side.

"I have used the Gateway programs in my own journey of consciousness." - Ryan Herron


Blessed and Anointed Healing Prayers - A Christian Perspective

When I was sick and seeking healing, this was a video that would play while I slept. It's not so much a meditation but I meditated for hours and hours with this video in 2021. I believe that it helped me through many dark nights.

I have a background in Christianity, even though I don't believe in all the ways that this religion usually teaches. It still helps to hear words of comfort, in the form of Bible quotes and Christian music. Growing up in the United States, this is the case for countless others.


Sam Garrett - Root Down Deep

Lastly, we have an album. I encourage you to sit silently and listen to this entire album with an open heart and mind. You may find that you become increasingly reverent. There is just something about this music that always brings me closer to God...even though it's more Hindu music than anything.

00:00:01 Root Down Deep

00:07:33 Om Ganesha

00:15:47 Lakshmi (I Choose to Live in Love)

00:22:44 Arindra

00:25:58 Jaya Guru Namaha

00:31:50 Mama

00:39:27 Asatoma

00:46:16 A Way Untold

00:48:08 Yamahey

00:54:38 Journey

01:01:32 Ma's Lullaby

In Conclusion

There are more than enough resources on this page to help you learn what meditation is, how to meditate, and how to move on to higher levels of meditation. If you will step out in faith, the universe will take a step. Before you realize it, you may be a different person - In love with life!


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