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Free You Tube Meditation about Manifesting Your Reality

The top 5 quotes that will tell you what this article and associated free meditation is about:

  1. “Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” — Maya Angelou

  2. “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way, you’re right.” — Henry Ford

  3. “If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Walt Disney

  4. “You are the creator of your own reality.” — Esther Hicks

  5. "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark the Missionary

How to attract anything - meditation

Discover how I manifested a free trip by using a You Tube Meditation Video that I had created for my own mind. Learn the steps that I took, writing down my list of desires and how everything panned out perfectly.

How I Manifested a Free Trip with a You Tube Meditation

Back in April 2023, I wanted to start manifesting things even more than I was already used to so I set out on the adventure. I reached out to a very nice lady named Luna on Fiverr and gave her a script, that I wrote, to record.

You will hear the exact meditation that was created further down in this post. It is titled, 'The Free You Tube Meditation about Manifesting your Reality.'

Meditation Script Contact

In the meditation, I wanted a few things...

  • to be at a tropical beach

  • to heal my body

  • to heal other people

  • $5 Million

Below are a couple of screenshots of the script I sent Luna. The crazy part is that I actually believed I could alter my reality with my mind and this is exactly what happened. I got the recorded voiceover back, slapped some music on it, and Whammo! 3 Months later, I had a brand new life!

At the time that I wrote this script, I was still sick. I was slowly healing, through the work of Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dipenza, and Niraj Naik, among others but I wasn't healed yet. You can read the story about that HERE. I knew that I had manifested a lot of things in the past so I gave it a shot.

Meditation Script

3 Months Later

I healed from my illness at a meditation event in Denver about 90 days after the script was made. I was surprised and thankful but I kept telling my mind that it was already done. I kept believing that I was already healed, even before the physical manifestation of healing occurred.

Not only was I healed but I participated in the healing of others. I watched as people walked out of wheelchairs. I saw the sadness of depression leave people instantly. So many people were getting healed, it was mind-boggling - like a movie... but it was very real.

The Hotel we stayed at was extremely expensive but as soon as I started to worry about the cost, I kept my mind positive and said to myself, "No worries, Ryan. Everything will be OK." Guess what happened? My entire Hotel room was completely paid for by a friend (whom I will keep anonymous) and didn't cost me a dime. I didn't ask for it but he randomly offered and this allowed me to have half of the retreat costs paid for... out of thin air.

8 Months Later

My wife and I were standing on that white sand tropical beach, looking out at the bluest ocean that was described in the meditation script I wrote. The sun was beaming down just as I had written. Tropical birds were singing and I did wipe the sweat off my face with my shirt. My wife, who was there with me said, "Don't do that and ruin your shirt." of course 😂 We were at another meditation event.

Again, I started to worry about the cost because, after the airfare, the hotel, and the event price, the trip was around $10,000. Every time that thought entered my head, I would smack it down and remain positive in the fact that the entire trip would not cost anything. I was playing with the universe... pretending in the land of make-believe but Guess What Happened?!

The manifested check in the mail

The entire trip was paid for! We received the check, you see above, in the mail. Again, I will keep personal information and this donor anonymous also but we didn't ask for this money. It just arrived and paid for the entire trip! Our jaws dropped and we realized that this was a gift from the Lord. To say we had gratitude is an understatement! How do things like this happen over and over and over again?

It's like when God knows the desires of our hearts and we believe, He acts like any parent would and often gives us gifts. It reminds me of the passage in Luke11:11, "Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

Did you notice that the Bible passage was 11:11? What a CO-INKY-DINK. For those who don't know, many people believe that seeing 11:11 means you are connecting with the universe and receiving divine guidance, from a higher power, about manifestation.

You can Manifest Anything!

Let's look at other people. Many of us know the story of Roger. I heard it for the first time from Tony Robbins and then later again through Joe Dispenza. According to the stories that were passed down through the years, athletes thought that the human body was not capable of running one mile in under 4 minutes.

They said that people had tried since the beginning of time to break the record and failed.

Once Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister broke the record in the mid-1950s, people KNEW that the fake barrier others had proposed was false information and people immediately started running the mile faster than 4 minutes.

Check out the fastest mile running times since the 1850s. From 1880 until the 1950s, the fastest mile remained relatively unchanged. But then, Roger came along and as soon as he broke the record, everyone else did too!

The fastest Mile

"So many things are possible as long as you don't know they are impossible."Mildred D. Taylor

Disbelief is a Dream Killer

What do you think would have happened if athletes had the intention that they could run a mile in under 4 minutes in the 1600s or 1700s? Do you think it's possible that the collective disbelief was a dream killer? Did the fact that so many people believed so strongly in incorrect information that the truth was hidden for centuries?

Has anyone ever told you... 'THAT' can't be done!

Many of us have been told many falsehoods in life. We have been told that something is impossible and we often stop pursuing the thing we want because due to believing the lie. Even when we haven't been told by anyone, our own mind tells us that the 'thing' is impossible. Have you ever thought the following thoughts...

  • THAT'S JUST STUPID! You don't have the skills or education.

  • WHY EVEN TRY? You are just going to fail and waste all your money trying.

  • YOU ARE A FRAUD! You are trying to do something that can't be proven.

Proof You Can Do the Impossible

Thousands upon thousands of people, just like you, have done things, and continue to do things every year, that others thought impossible, things that others couldn't do. Their accomplishments are recorded in this super secret special book of hidden superpowers.

While writing this blog and going down the path of manifesting reality with my own thoughts and emotions, my mind keeps trying to tell me it's impossible. It is attempting to keep me safe by not doing the thing that is hard to do. Even though it is my life passion to teach others the very thing that makes the universe operate, I keep second-guessing myself. I continually have to watch my thoughts because if I don't, they will consume me and I will eventually quit.

Likewise, when athletes, business people, or anyone who wants to do anything & is in the unknown realm (That place where they have an idea but have no validation that it will pan out), they often quit right before their breakthrough. This goes especially for inventors who are attempting to create something that has never been created. There is a popular cartoon about this.

Manifesting Cartoon

In the cartoon above, did the man waste his life, even though he spent more time trying to reach his dreams than he originally anticipated? Some would say he didn't waste his life because the journey is the gift. Others would hypothesize that he wasted his life for nothing because the goal wasn't reached.

I would say that he did not waste his life. He was working toward his goal the entire time. During this process, who knows how many lives he changed for the better? Who can say that nothing was attained? He probably had a lot of fun along the way and was a better person because of everything he learned during the journey. The only issue here is that he gave up too soon.

A man once said, " Do the easy thing and your life will be hard but do the hard thing and your life will be easy."

Faith is not an illusion

If you have an idea in your heart; something that seems crazy to everyone but you, it was put there by the divine creator for a purpose. Start down that journey and keep your thoughts pure, positive, and on the present moment. Push farther and longer, past your comfort zone and this is the realm of magic. This is when miracles start appearing.

What's the worst that can happen?

We can never see the outcome before it happens. This is where faith comes into play. We see a vision and ACT AS IF it has already happened. One thing is for certain though... We have to keep that vision in our heads as if it is the most important thing in our lives. We move forward as if the thing is already happening now because, in the quantum realm, it is!

"If you aren't in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty, or back to pain and regret." Jim Carrey

How Many Millionaires Are There?

I believe everything is possible. I believe that anyone can heal from a disease. I believe that anyone can become a millionaire. I, most assuredly believe that dreams can and do come true. They come true every day.

In the United States, there are over

21,000,000 millionaires and

1,700 people become millionaires every single day!

Ryan's Rice Experiments

The power of thoughts, emotions, vibes, feelings, the law of attraction, manifestation, prayer, spells... WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT... is the power to bend reality - so much so that I often perform experiments to test these ideas. Below is an experiment to show a physical manifestation of one of the reasons I believe so much in healing...

I have conducted this experiment multiple times and received the same result every time except one. I challenge you to perform the same experiment. It's super simple to do and the results may astonish you.

  • ​STEP 1: Cook Rice.

  • ​STEP 2: Place rice in 2 identical glass jars with Lids. Fill halfway.

  • ​STEP 3: Place a label with a date on 1 or both jars

  • ​STEP 4: Every day, 5 times per day, send ❤️❤️LOVE❤️❤️ to one jar.

  • ​STEP 5: Ignore or send any 😠Bad Juju😠 to the other jar.

  • ​STEP 6: In about a week or two, note the results.

Here are my results...

Ryan's Rice Experiment

The rice that I sent good thoughts decayed at a much slower rate than the rice that I sent bad thoughts. If this can be replicated, which it can be, then would this suggest that thoughts can travel outside of our bodies and affect the reality around us? Would this further suggest that thoughts affect anything and everything?

Noortje's Rice Experiment

I posted my rice in a Dr. Joe Facebook group and a little while later, Noortje did the same thing and received similar results.

Noortje's Rice Experiment
Noortje's Rice Experiment 2

So What's Possible?

Absolutely EVERYTHING & ANYTHING! There is nothing that is outside the realm of possibility. Quantum Physics will tell you that reality is mostly empty space and everything is held together with electric magnetic forces. Matter is also a wave so the potential for anything to "BE" is roughly 100%.

The very next time you have an idea, if you can hold that idea in the present moment, there may be a high likelihood of it happening. If you hold on and stay on the path, that idea may come to pass. If you can strive just a bit further, past the point when you want to give up, then that idea may become a reality.

The next time you think about a possibility, don't allow your mind to fill your thoughts with 'what ifs'. Fill your thoughts with the possibility that anything is possible. In the Christian religion, there is an old passage, "With God All things are possible" and since there is a divine loving force that created this universe, I believe that anything is possible.

A Challenge for You

Write down 5 things that you desire. They don't have to all be big things. They can be unique to you and you don't have to tell anyone about them. You can be selfish and write down what YOU want, not what you think others want for you. Here is an example list that you can model. Simply change these into your wants... but write them as if they already happened. Write them in the present tense. Here is an example...

  1. I am healed! - Imagine your health being perfect! Imagine being able to do the things you can't yet do. Feel what it would be like to smile and be healthy

  2. My new house is perfect! - See each room and the entire layout! Ring the doorbell. Hear the crunch of the autumn leaves as you walk through the yard, in your mind.

  3. I love my new Nissan Armada! - Imagine the new car smell & the grip of the steering wheel! What does the amazing view look like? Can you feel the engine vibration?

  4. My new wife/husband is perfect! - Feel their tight hugs. How does it feel to be the most important person to someone else? Imagine playfully being with each other, now.

  5. Zion National Park is Amazing! - Dwell upon the awe and beauty of the landscape! Feel the crisp air and drips of water at the Narrows. Your feet hurt from all the walking.

When you write stuff down and imagine it with strong emotions, it triggers something in your brain. All 5 items in that list above were also on my list. They all came true.

  • Neuroscience says, "Brain Cells that fire together wire together."

  • Motivational Teachers say, "What you think about most of the time, you will become."

  • Holy Books say, "Whatever you ask for in prayer, and believe, you will receive."

This activity will start your brain into thinking you already have whatever you want and you will use this list going forward. Once you have your list of 5, take the paper, fold it, and put it in your purse or wallet, on your fridge, in your bathroom, or wherever you will see them often.

Don't be afraid to add to this list. You will want to cross these items off the list as they are attained in real life as most of them will start to come to pass, the more you focus on having them. Have you ever heard of vision boards? Many people, including myself, keep reminders in front of us at all times. These reminders help keep us in the present, always thinking about the goals we want to attain.

Some people make mind movies. Others have notebooks full of wonderfully written narratives of what they want to achieve. However, you do it is up to you but it all starts with writing down your needs and desires.

What Does Steve Harvey Say?

"This is a very, very important piece to success. It's a principle of success - every wealthy person knows this. I don't know nobody wealthy who don't have a vision board. I don't know nobody wealthy who don't have their stuff written on a piece of paper. I don't know nobody!" - Steve Havey

Ye have not because ye ask not. James 4:2 (KJV)

Habakkuk 2:2 (KJV) says, "And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end, it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."

The Mission 300

Just as was mentioned in the video, I am going to ask you to do an exercise that is going to be difficult. It's going to be very fun but will take a lot of time and thought. This exercise is meant to kickstart your brain and put it into overdrive. Up until now, your brain has probably seemed like it has one foot on the gas and another on the brake at the same time. This exercise is going to take one foot off the brake and place them both on the gas.

Model someone who has been there. Write a list of 300 desires in the PRESENT TENSE.

Grab a notebook and make it special. This is going to be your Vision Journal. It's yours so create it, design it, decorate it any way that you want, put stickers on it, draw happy things... WHATEVER...

It's your future life that is getting ready to become reality. Somewhere within the pages, write down the first 5 items that you already have, from the previous lesson.

Then continue writing and create a list of 300 things that you want. They can be large or small. They can be any desire in the world. They can be directed toward money, health, material things, mental needs, love & relationships,... whatever.

Anything you can possibly think of may go on that list. Your list can contain things as small as a felt tip pen, as my first list did, or as large as a $10,000,000,000 bank account. If you can't walk, you can put the ability to walk on your list. If you don't yet have shoes, then shoes should probably go on the list. Whatever you write, make sure you put at least 25 BIG TICKET items on there.

I'm talking about 25 things that are so large that you see them as impossibilities right now. What you 'currently think' doesn't matter. Dr. Joe Dispenza says, "It's none of your business how it happens." You don't have to know HOW any of this is going to happen - The Quantum Field will take care of that. Your only job is to write down the list.


Details, Details, Details

Be as detailed as you can. If you desire a new car because yours is on the fritz, you don't want "A Car." Imagine, for instance, you are driving your Silver Nissan Armada V8 with lots of leg room and surround sound through the windy roads of the Sequoia National Forest of California.

Present Tense Only

Write everything in the present tense, as if it is already happening. The same section of the brain processes imaginations and thoughts about real things that are happening. It evaluates thoughts against a “reality threshold.”

If the signal passes the threshold, the brain thinks it’s real; if it doesn’t, the brain thinks it’s imagined. Imagined thoughts are usually weak signals. However, if an imagined thought is strong enough to cross the reality threshold, the brain says, "OK that thought is real." and starts working to make everything else cooperate with the thought. Source

Time and Effort

It may take you a day, a week, or a month to write your list. It is up to you and how motivated you are about creating your future sooner, rather than later. If the task seems too daunting, Start with writing only 100 items. If that is too much, start with only 20. If that is even too much, you can start by simply writing down the numbers.

Start somewhere and it will seem uncanny how you will get a bit more motivation to do the next thing and then the next thing. Take some time - 5 to 10 minutes to read through your list each morning and evening.

Start Your List with Questions

  • HEALTH: Do you want to be Fit? Slim? Athletic? Do you want to run a marathon or would you rather envision yourself walking in the park? Would you like to be able to eat properly? Do you want to be off the medication? How healthy do you see your heart being? Would you like that muscle to be completely restored? Want to be pain-free? Would you like to think clearly? How is your sleep? Stop the racing thoughts. Would you like to think more positive thoughts every day? Want to focus on one topic? Keep lust, hatred, resentment, etc... under control? An overall great mental attitude?

  • FAMILY: Would you like to be intimate with your spouse more often or simply feel loved by them? Want your kids to respect you? Would you like a new addition to the house? How about some more dinner dates? Where do you want to have those dates? Do you want some nice new clothes? Do you want to buy your kid a new bedroom suit? Where would you like to live? What is your dream home?

  • FINANCIAL: What is your ideal salary each year? What does your 401K balance look like? How about your savings account? What type of life insurance do you want? Would you like to give a bunch of money away? Would you like to work from home or own a business? How many gold credit cards do you want?

  • SPIRITUAL: Would you like to believe more in a higher power? Want to start new habits like going to your spiritual center more often or meeting with like-minded people each month? Did you want to meditate more? How often and what type of prayer would you like to offer to the creator? Want to feel worthy? Want to feel loved by God? Want to serve others more?

  • EDUCATIONAL: Would you like your kid to go to Stanford or MIT? Would you like to go to college? Which one? What do you want to know more about? What would you like to teach others? Did you want to write a book or become a YouTuber? How about watching one podcast each day or reading a short story every so often? Need to brush up on your foreign language skills?

  • SOCIAL: Did you want to be more outgoing? What type of friends would you like to hang out with? Did you want to start or join a small group in your city? Do you want to be more flirtatious or more conservative? Would you like to be a mentor or reach out to your local Rotary Club? Would you like to start smiling at the cashier at Wal-Mart?

  • RECREATIONAL: Want to go on more vacations? Which States or Countries do you want to visit? Do you want to ride on a train, or a plane, or go on a cruise? Would you like to eat bread in France and walk on the Great Wall of China? How about playing golf at the country club? Did you think about getting a new boat? What is your favorite car?

Write it Positive

Everything you write should be positive. Negatives shouldn't make it onto your list because whatever you focus on is what you will receive. If you don't want to lose money, you are focused on the loss of money. If you don't want to be angry, you are focused on anger. If you don't want to die, you are focused on death. Do you see how that works?


Don't write like this. I don't want to be angry anymore!

Instead, write like this. I enjoy being happy every day!

Don't write like this.  I don't want to be sick!

Instead, write like this. I am energized & healthy!

​​Don't write like this. I don't want to lose my house.

Instead, write like this. My house is fully paid off.

Don't write like this.  I don't want my husband to leave.

Instead, write like this. I love my perfect marriage!

Don't write like this.  I don't want to lose my job.

Instead, write like this. My career path is amazing!

Don't write like this. I don't want to be poor anymore.

Instead, write like this. I'm extremely wealthy!

The Free You Tube Meditation about Manifesting Your Reality

So now that you have thought about what you want and have your list started, why not meditate on your desires? Pick a few things from your list... the things you want the most and start meditating upon them.

Here is the meditation that we made that helped me to accomplish some of the things on my list. Listen to it and if you like it, I can help you create a personal meditation script for your own needs and desires.

Even though this was made specifically for my own mind, imagine if you made one for yourself. What is the most important thing? What would your setting be? What would you do in your dream life?


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