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Listen as Olivia transforms into the dream-like alpha state.

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Tune into the magical healing vibrations of Sam's body.

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Eavesdrop on Alex's

Consciousness Awakening

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Create Magic out of thin air!

Your Story. Your Meditation.

Your own words breathe life into the story that transforms your life with measurable results.

Meditating Outdoors

The god in You

Psalm 82:6 "I said, You are gods.”

  • Unlock your Healing Energy

  • Spiritual Experiences on Demand

  • Therapeutic Breathwork Practices

  • Reality Manifestation Methods


Turning Woo Woo Magic

into Real Life Applications

Leave your loved ones scratching their heads. Experience a brand new reality, one breath, One emotion, and one brainwave at a time.

Senior Couple Meditating
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Our Primary Meditation Styles

...but with your spin on it!


Healing Yourself

We'll help you navigate the uncertainty of healing with meditation. Allow us to create a healing environment for your body, down to the cellular level. 


Manifesting Reality

Are you seeking something that seems out of reach? We'll fashion up a solution that harnesses the power of the law of attraction, like a wave of pure awesomeness!


Astral Travel

Would you like to explore the unseen realms, all around us? We offer techniques that can help you temporarily vacate the earthly plane and visit the mystical!


Healing Others

Do you gather with a group for online or in person healing sessions? Let us craft the perfect meditation tailored specifically for your gatherings!




We have 3 different ways you can purchase your personalized meditation. If you don't know what you want, don't worry; We're here to help!



After ordering, we'll reach out to connect on a deeper level and create a personalized meditation plan tailored to your needs.



We are committed to delivering quality work in a reasonable amount of time, striving for excellence in our service to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Frequent Questions


What do
you do?

We meticulously design personalized meditations tailored specifically for you, accompanying you on your journey as you establish, pursue, and experience your life's dreams and goals.


Do you write
the script for me?

Yes. We create your personalized meditations and seamlessly weave your words into the sessions. This ensures that a truly customized and resonant experience is tailored for YOUR mind only.


Who chooses
the music?

We have a curated selection of tracks, incorporating music that speaks to you. Let's explore various options together, and ensure the soundtrack perfectly complements your meditation experience.


Do you offer Corporate or Affiliate Services?

Yes. We're committed to supporting like-minded businesses or individuals, through white-label services, bulk discounts, or advertising agreements. Simply reach out to us and we will talk about your specifications.


How many
meditations do I get?

If you are a member of the Life Changer Program, you get 24 meditations every year. Since your desires and needs evolve as your requests begin to manifest, we'll be there to capture and incorporate every idea throughout the year.


Will you
heal my illness?

We're not the wizards of healing. Each person's got their own magic. The power to heal ultimately resides within you. We function as conduits of healing sound energy, showering you with lots of love and support. 


Is meditation scientifically proven?

Meditation has been heralded in countless medical journals as a key ingredient in healing illness and enhancing the overall quality of life. What if this ancient practice could be woven into your new holistic life? Ready to watch as your dreams start coming true, synchronicity by synchronicity.


Will I have a
mystical experience?

Practicing the methods daily significantly increases your chances of achieving a spiritual experience. If you're not looking for such an experience, it's less likely to unfold. Your intent is key. Our approach is designed to help ensure that your journey reflects your desires and needs.


Who is doing
the healing?

Obi-Wan Kenobi said it best, "It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together." This energy field is where the divine creator, also known as your higher self, has placed the potential for everything, every time, and everywhere. 


What can I include in my meditation?

We're gonna incorporate affirmations and quotes of your own choosing. Likewise, significant milestones and emotional memories from your life will help create a journey that's designed to ignite your brainwaves and initiate transformative physical changes from deep within.


Where did you learn
to do what you do?

I always learn from those that went before me. My influences are Niraj Naik, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Wim Hof, William Bengston, Kelly Noonan Gores, Abraham Hicks, The Bible, Ancient Texts, Ted Talks, Random Youtubers, Netflix, and about 100 other people, places, or experiences.


How long until I start seeing results?

Meditation serves as a catalyst for internal transformation. As you undergo life changes, you might simultaneously experience a dissolution of ailments. Some may see healing in hours but for others, their desire may never manifest at all. The results are unique to each individual.


Why pay when other meditations are free?

While generic meditations may lull you to sleep, our exclusive sound technologies bridge the gap between your current reality and your dream life, acting as potent catalysts for transformative change. We collaborate with you individually to craft an experience that could revolutionize your entire life.


What happens if I don't heal?

We will introduce you to a range of holistic tools that have proven to be effective for millions of others, throughout history. While we cannot promise healing, as it is a deeply personal journey, we can say that individuals have experienced profound healing solely through the power of their thoughts, and emotions. 


Do you
offer Refunds?

We offer a full cancelation and refund for any reason before we finish the Discovery Call. Given the significant investment of time and resources dedicated to creating personalized content, please understand our services are non-refundable after we have started. Please see the refund Process here

Does meditation heal?

Back in 2017, my life took a tough turn as I faced a chronic illness that left me bedridden. During this challenging time, I saw my weight plummet by 86 pounds, and I relied solely on a liquid diet to keep going.


The journey through countless doctor visits, lab tests, medical procedures, and a variety of treatments drained my finances without offering relief.


I felt DEFEATED and considered 'ending it all.'

Ryan Sick

After my very first meditation session, I experienced a glimmer of hope, encouraging me to persevere on my path to healing.


The road to healing the root cause of my condition was long and took years of learning on my own. 

Ryan Healed

In simple terms, when people ask if meditation really heals, I can confidently say that it worked for me—I experienced healing directly while meditating. Many others also credit meditation as a key part of their healing process.

Scientists have found lots of evidence suggesting that meditation can lead to healing. Perhaps it helps us tap into some kind of energy field or it changes how our brain waves work to promote healing. Maybe when we believe when asking, God just says yes!


While we're not entirely sure about all the details, what we do know is that a significant number of people who meditate in specific ways also experience healing benefits. These benefits are included in our personalized meditations. You can learn more about them by subscribing to our emails below; We'll send you 14 very cool and instructional lessons.

Learn the Not-so-Secret 

Table of Contents

  • Session 1: How to Create Sacred Spaces

  • Session 2: A Step-by-Step Guide to Healing Meditation

  • Session 3: How to Heal from Emotional Wounds

  • Session 4: How to Energize Your Health with Breathwork

  • Session 5: How to Prepare Your Mind for Mystical Travel

  • Session 6: How to Perform The Breath of Intention

  • Session 7: How to Perform Astral Exploration

  • Session 8: How to Master Your Emotions

  • Session 9: How to Manifest Physical Things

  • Session 10: Learn How the Impossible is Possible

  • Session 11: How How to Heal Others

  • Session 12: How to Harmonize the Home

  • Session 13: How to Amplify Your Ripple Effect

  • Session 14: How to Become The Healed Meditator

In case you didn't know...

How Meditation Works

Prevents & Heals Disease

Research suggests that many illnesses can be avoided and healed through meditation.

Decreases anxiety & depression

How would you feel if you could turn that depression into excitement about life?

Increases  Happiness

Being happy is as simple as sitting with yourself for 30 minutes in a heart of gratitude.

Allows Spiritual Awakenings

Many experience a life transformation and even heal others through meditation.

Our 3 Latest Meditation Research Blogs

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